Kathy Lowe-Bloch


Change Perspective....
Change the Experience

The “Petreflections” photographs have become a much more profound experience for me than I ever could have predicted. As I continue to find “shore creatures,” I realize that the whole experience is about opening to new perspectives in life. I am a drummer. The drummer in me can return to the mere essence of life when I see these images show their faces. There’s something simple, primal, grounding, and playful here for me.

Music has been my form of expression for many years now. In the last five years or so, I’ve been focusing on songs that reflect experiences of opening more to love; the love that is universal and awaits our willingness to allow the unfolding of it from the inside out. These songs come from my work with people in healing circles and other groups where we witness each other’s unfolding to love as we adopt new perspectives. My therapeutic work on myself, as well as with other people, has allowed me to witness the magic and joy of healing. This experience runs deep for me, just like the photographs. The music work and the photography have connected me more and more to the earth and spirit world, and this brings me joy.

As I sat in Lake Powell, Utah with my drum, after a long day of capturing “Petreflections,” I wrote the song, “No Separation.” I wept with gratitude. It felt like a message from the canyon saying, “yes, we are the same here on the earth, I reflect you and you reflect me, we will come and go as one.” This was an opening for me. It was as if the song and the photographs were born from the same place. Three pictures are inside the “No Separation” CD.

I have this theory about the inspiration for totem art and other ancient arts. When people lived closer to the earth, they were often in or near the water daily. I believe that people have seen these reflections since the beginning of time and the images have been depicted down through the ages. Why Not?

"Totem Bug"
"Duck Arrows"