Kathy Lowe-Bloch


"Key Lime Wizard"
Exhibition Locations

• On an ongoing basis, “Petreflections” are available at the Indian Museum Store, Main Street, Warner, NH

• Examples of "Petreflections" can always be seen at our home. Call in advance for an appointment.

• Numbered photographs of all of these examples are available for sale for $50 matted. Call Kathy to talk about dimensions and payment/postage info.

• On this page is a fairly complete list of all the Petreflections photos that Kathy sells

"Bug on King"
"Emerging Mask"
"Samurai Warrior"
"Queen Turtle Bug"
"Madame Russell"
"Buwana Binney"
"Bearded Cub"
"Chants Awakening"
"Gingerbread Man"
"King Schnoz"
"Man of the Woods"
"Alien Shield"
"Tribal Warrior"
"Totem Bug"
"Key Lime Wizard"
"Moth Halls"
"Rafia Lotus"
"Duck Arrows"