Kathy Lowe

Information about Kathy's latest CD
Kathy Lowe is a multi-talented, multi-faceted singer/songwriter and artist. Music for adults, kids, and everyone else (you know who you are!) Click on these images to get more detailed information about her creations.

I have collected my best Petreflection photographs into a self-published book and it is available NOW! It is 80 pages with 98 color photos.

It can be purchased by contacting me directly, or by going to Blurb.com (click on that blue link) which is the company that printed my book and runs an online bookstore. By going to their site, you can learn a lot more about my book, and preview 20 pages.

Either way the price is $35 plus shipping. Blurb also offers a hardcover version for $48.

It is 80 pages with 98 photos. You can go to the site and preview several pages:  The price is $35 for soft cover, hard cover version is $48. Shipping is a flat $7 for up to 5 copies

Please contact Kathy Lowe at:
26 Otterville Road
New London, NH 03257
(603) 526-6152
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