Essays and Stories About Craftsmanship and Design

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"The Design Process for a Wonderful Commission"

This link will take you to the illustrated story of how one particular design came about. It was for a family room in a beautiful home on Squam Lake, and involves collaboration with a blacksmith, to create a lovely sculputural fixture that has soaring lines and functional warm lighting that is the centerpiece of the room.

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"Hands at Work:Craftwork at Its Best"

In 2011, Peter worked with four other League of NH Craftsmen to design and create the dramatic and symbolic reception desk for the new League HQ facility in Concord, NH. Peter created a book that documents this project (available from, and the book includes this essay about the meaning of handcrafted work.

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"Handcrafting in the Digital Age"

An essay that Peter wrote for a conference put on by the League of NH Craftsmen, to examine the interplay between high technology and hand crafted work.